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To be held: Monday April 15th 2024

in Auckland, at Ormiston Junior College. 9 am - 4 pm


This conference is intended to be a creative, practical, hands-on series of workshops and presentations with the plan of giving teachers ideas, experiences and materials they can take directly into their classroom practice the day after.


Our Goal is to:

• provide material relevant for those teaching Years 1 to 10

• to cover as many different curriculum areas as possible


We aim to have themes of content like:

• Stories of impact

• Examples of how you increased student outcomes using the technology

• Curriculum ideas / activity exchange

• Getting started with an app (done through experiencing lessons - kind of like the everyone can create tasks)

• Going further with an app or series of ideas

• Creating resources together

• Connecting teachers and students on collaborative projects

• Blowing our mind with an app/s, showing us complex workflows to achieve stunning outcomes

• A wee bite like telling us about your school, unit, inquiry, Apple coach, forum, apple teacher etc etc etc

• How to do something technical

• ane more

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