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We are passionate and committed to helping you have the best experience with your devices that is possible.


We believe technology can change your life for the better and want to inspire you and show you how.


We will help you develop a plan, grow your knowledge, and cultivate the skills you need, to change the way you use your devices and improve the way you live, work and learn.


We have worked with many people, teaching them how make technology work for them.

We believe that no matter what level you are at, we can help you develop your personal skill set. We can work with you the most powerful way - one to one, or in small groups, or via workshops and presentations - whatever suits your needs.
Our goal is not to sell you technology but to help you make the most of what you already have. It's not just about having lots of ideas, it's more about making those ideas happen.


We believe that Accessibility is one of Apple’s key goals for good reason. This sets the technology apart from all others. It allows anyone to use the technology and be no different to anyone else.

Our consultants are Apple Professional Learning Specialists, Google Certified Education Trainers and Ministry of Education accredited facilitators able to deliver Centrally funded PLD.

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