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Cultivating Technological Capability   

Seed Consulting is founded on the principles of partnering with people to maximise the use of their existing technology devices. Apple embed many features into the Operating System on Mac, iPhone and iPad. We help you to unlock the potential of these features to benefit every aspect of your life. A particular expertise we have is working with Accessibility.

We partner with schools and universities to develop personalized professional learning plans that support learning, teaching, deployment, and leadership with Apple technology. Our Specialists and Providers inspire, coach, and lead educators toward learning innovation and improved student outcomes. 

As fellow educators, we apply research-based practice and work side-by-side with leaders, teachers, and IT to build confidence and advance their learning and teaching goals.


By bringing an expert to your school, you’ll cultivate learning environments that address the needs of all learners and help create innovative approaches to curriculum and assessment. Specialists tailor support through a comprehensive set of offerings helping educators on their learning journey from skill acquisition to instructional innovation.


Going further, education leaders work with Specialists to build leadership capacity with executive coaching and strategic planning, while IT teams can get support help connect technology implementations to teaching and learning.

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Bespoke Learning Programmes

We can deliver customised courses to match your needs. We have partnered with organisations of all sizes to deliver specific learning programmes. 

Leadership and Vision Planning

We offer workshops and coaching experiences to develop a shared vision, set goals, build capacity and develop a school culture to enable technology-inspired change across your organization.


Coaching and Mentoring

 If you would like a personal approach to using your technology, we can cater to working with you on specific goals you want to achieve.



Build basic knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers in the use of Apple technology and engage them on the path to Apple Teacher recognition. Then, go further with Apple technology with augmented reality, coding and app development and Apple’s professional creativity tools to deepen understanding and enable innovation.



 The power of technology to communicate, create and work can be accessed by anyone. We thrive on helping people achieve what they thought was impossible


Experience a sample of the workshops we offer, which can be tailored to either Mac or iPad platforms, and customised to fit your available timeframe.

Our workshops are designed to cater to your staff's specific needs, allowing us to adapt the pace and content accordingly. Whether you have a short window or an extended session, we are dedicated to providing an enriching and personalized learning experience.

Let us help you empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to maximize their potential. Together, we can create a workshop that aligns perfectly with your goals and objectives.

Organise your thinking

Join us as we delve into the functionalities of the innovative "Freeform" App. Through interactive experiences you will gain firsthand experience in navigating the app and acquire a collection of ideas that can be effectively applied in the classroom setting!

Get started with iMovie

Introducing iMovie, a free video editing app exclusively designed for Apple devices. Grab your iPad, iPhone or Mac and embark on an enlightening journey as we unveil the secrets of crafting and refining professional-looking videos using iMovie. 

Discover the magic of Keynote

Uncover the excitement and simplicity of crafting animated digital stories using Apple's Keynote. Join us and you will discover the art of using animated drawings and sound in conjunction with compelling narratives to bring visual stories to life. 

Getting the most out of your Mac

Join us for this enriching workshop designed to showcase the diverse capabilities of Apple Devices. Gain practical techniques and insights to customise the device to meet the needs of individual learners. that ensures every learner thrives. 

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