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What we do

 Scheduled Workshops
We provide a schedule of regular workshops covering Apple and Google technologies matching our themes of Living, Working and Learning.
 One to One Training 
If you would like a personal approach to using your technology, we can cater to working with you on specific goals you want to achieve. 
The power of technology to communicate, create and work can be accessed by anyone. We thrive on helping people achieve what they thought was impossible
 Customised Training
For groups of workers we can deliver customised courses to match your needs. We have partnered with organisations of all sizes to deliver specific learning programmes 
 App Development
Sometime an off-the shelf application doesn't match your unique organisation's needs. We specialise in building apps which work the way you need them to.
Process Design
Alongside what technology can do your you in your Living, Working and Learning, we can analyse your processes and suggest ways for technology to deliver efficiencies.
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