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With MapFab, your can create your own custom Google Maps in minutes and publish them as KMZ files that can be directly viewed inside Google Maps and Google earth.

Google My Maps

Create and share custom maps with Google My Maps. This only works on a Laptop or chromebook, not on an iPad.


Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free online.

Review by Richard Byrne:
Animaps is a service that was built for the purpose of allowing users to create animated Google Maps. The basics of creating maps in Animaps is very similar the process for creating maps in Google Maps. The main benefit of using Animaps over Google Maps is that you can create a tour of your placemarks that plays through according to the timing that you specify. Another benefit is that you can build in colored shapes to expand and contract to demonstrate patterns. You can also import images to your map from Flickr, Picassa, and Facebook. Click hereto watch a demonstration of Animaps in action. You do not need a Google Account to use Animaps, you can register on the site or use Facebook credentials to log-in.


iPad and Web version available. Immersive storytelling for everyone: Easily augment photos with text, audio, closeup photos, links, and video. Create images with sound, explain what’s in the picture with notes and narration, document nature around you, send instructions for how things work, or tell an engaging story of what you’ve just learned.

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